Fall For Our 2022 Class Of B2B Innovators


As the B2B industry fully emerged from its Covid-19 hibernation last year, sales and marketing’s brightest minds were tasked with reaching buyers on a completely new landscape — and won B2B Innovator Awards because of their efforts.

The Innovator Awards are designed to celebrate the most progressive marketing and sales practitioners that are pushing the envelope to effectively engage prospective customers and meet their buyers’ needs, pain points and worries in the new era of digital transformation.

Alongside the change of weather, the new crop of Innovators re-shaped the industry as they successfully strategized on how to engage more prospects/buyers and drove more pipeline. Now, we’re raking all their successes together to inspire and motivate marketing teams far and wide. So, grab those pumpkin spice lattes, throw on your best pair of duck boots and let’s jump into this 2022 pile of Innovators.

2022 B2B Innovators:


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