Marketing Mentors

Digital Marketing & Demand Generation Leader, Director


With a professional services organization as broad as EY, Louis Cohen has established a U.S./Americas COE that executes against brand, media, signature programs, webcasts,, martech, analytics and more since joining in 2019. Building a team of more than 45 from scratch, he established the basics for EY, supporting a new launch and new content and design strategies, launching marketing automation, establishing data and analytics systems — all while launching a CDP, infusing SEO priorities, establishing webcast capabilities, supporting award winning media and sponsored content programs and so much more.

Cohen is also a leader to EY’s internal business partners and stakeholders, as he helps develop GTM strategies for virtually every sector, service line and unit within the company. These strategies include multichannel executions founded upon content that lives on, is supported by distribution through organic social media, paid channels and email, and is tracked and measured for performance. None of this would have been possible for EY to execute for itself before 2020 thanks to the organization Cohen built to modernize EY’s own GTM efforts.

While the specific numbers are confidential, the results have been phenomenal. traffic continues to grow consistently, and the company’s award-winning paid media campaigns continue to open dialogues between EY’s partners and clients.

In addition to being a great manager and leader at EY, Cohen is also an educator. For more than a dozen years, he has been teaching digital marketing, search engine marketing and social nedia strategies in the graduate (MBA/MS) program at CUNY Baruch College, and similar courses in the Business School undergraduate program at NYU for nearly a decade.