Data Scientists & Operations Optimizers

RevOps Manager

Trent Allen started his career as a BDR and then moved into RevOps. Allen has a unique understanding of sales processes and workflows. Through special projects around lead routing, automation and tool/software connectivity, he has helped his RevOps team reach incredible milestones in a short amount of time. Since the merger between SaaSOptics and Chargify in April 2021 to today, the team has combined into one salesforce, streamlined all teams into similar processes, automated lead routing across brands, improved data quality and reduced lead-to-rep engagement time.

Utilizing tools such as Chili Piper, Zapier, Salesloft, Pardot and HubSpot, the Maxio team created a data passing real-time strategy. They were immediately able to identify deals that competed with one another and create a game plan to win the customer on the best platform, without battling over the “best price.” They dropped deal competition by 90% in the first couple of weeks and were able to combine the BDR team in a month with tools and the ability to book meetings across platforms. The result? An increase of 20% in meetings scheduled.