Account Targeting & Strategy

Vice President, Marketing

Hannah Shain and the SmartBug team wanted a fresh start to target accounts inside the HubSpot platform using ZoomInfo. To that end, intent data was used to measure and find companies actively in a buying mode for SmartBug’s six business topics. The topics selected were complementary to SmartBug’s services: If the buyer was actively in research mode for one of the topics and matched SmartBug’s ICP, then the buyer was tagged as a target account and an account profile was created in HubSpot.

For the accounts that didn’t match the minimum ICP requirements, they were kept in ZoomInfo and enrolled in a simultaneous inbound/outbound effort. The outbound effort consisted of outreach via HubSpot Sequences and social selling, while inbound efforts included a targeted ad campaign. Through Shain (and her team’s) efforts, SmartBug saw a 15% increase in weekly target accounts, a 14% lift of initial calls per month of target accounts showing intent, more than 9% increase in website visits and more than 5% engagement on ads. In total, the target account list grew by more than 10X since implementation.