Vertical Virtuosos

Sr. Manager, Digital Marketing & Demand Generation

Gianni Guerriero led the charge at MolDev, an enterprise life sciences manufacturer, on deploying a ground-up ABM strategy focused on developing targeted ICPs, detailed role-based messaging and a complex multichannel mix to target, engage and activate a segmented audience of 600 accounts against aggressive awareness, pipeline and revenue targets.

The program included the first-time implementation of ABM tech into a traditional stack of CRM/Marketing Automation/chat, and a fresh integrated sales and marketing motion built on tight alignment via a recurring feedback loop with marketing/sales/BDR/product stakeholders. Guerriero’s leadership in the rapid growth and success of the program from zero ABM to 1:1, as well as the significant impact on business objectives, makes him a true innovator both at Molecular Devices but also within the enterprise life science manufacturing vertical. Building on this success, he has successfully championed and deployed for a second LOB, shared his approach across the broader business portfolio at Danaher — all in less than eight months.

Within eight months, the program successfully engaged 90% of the TAL, achieving 189% of pipeline goals and 60% closed-won targets.