Content, Creative & Execution

Chief Marketing Officer

From ideation to execution, Adam Riff led his team through the “It’s About Time” campaign, an empathetic, innovative campaign based on real-life examples shared by on-staff physicians and clients.

Riff also led the ModMed team in gathering data, scaling the campaign and leaning into all media channels, including print, direct mail, digital, social, email and more. The campaign ROI was substantive and significantly bolstered customer engagement on all the digital platforms at ModMed. Riff also led the team in terms of scaling the campaign, leveraging all ModMed’s available media channels, paid and owned. These channels included:

  • High-impact print placements through ModMed’s association partnership buys;
  • Flat mail and high-end mailers, i.e. branded boxes;
  • Cameo videos;
  • Google, account-based marketing and association partnership buys;
  • LinkedIn and Facebook;
  • YouTube; and
  • Email nurture campaigns.