Account Targeting & Strategy

Director of ABM

Alation built its first ABM program with two goals in mind: Reducing reliance on inbound to start generating outbound pipeline and increasing brand awareness. The company wanted to create a data-driven, responsive program, but it was faced with a siloed martech stack of tools and data — that’s where Nicole Kimmick came in.

Kimmick built a custom ABM intent and data dashboard that brought all the company’s siloed intent data together with a custom scoring model that pointed teams to the best target accounts. Additionally, Kimmick increased sales involvement in the beginning of the ABM journey by helping the sales team build “outbound muscle” and introducing new tools that provided key account insights. She also developed a new content strategy utilizing industry-specific and relevant content, such as personalized content hubs, scalable account personalization and an industry brochure request process, which enabled sales to submit a request to receive a customized, account-specific brochure after every meeting as a custom follow-up piece.

Kimmick’s ABM program realized a 73% uplift in opportunities and Alation grew from virtually no outbound pipeline to more than 25% coming from outbound.