Sales Drivers

Director of Field Marketing West

ServiceNow saw massive growth in its global business, which led to the introduction of new product lines, regions, objectives and substantial go-to-market changes. To navigate those changes, Heather Rath pioneered a data-driven ABM approach that leveraged intent to offer deep intelligence into the accounts operating out of ServiceNow’s West Coast buying center with robust orchestration, personalization and collaboration capabilities. The approach helped Rath execute key ABM strategies in a complex environment more effectively by:

  • Identifying geographic specificity to determine the next best action;
  • Enhancing the data fueling mid- and post-funnel strategies;
  • Seamlessly moving top-of-funnel marketing leads into mid- and post-funnel sales leads; and
  • Fueling close collaboration with brand, campaign and product SMEs to ensure the right messaging was followed up with inside sales and solution-selling experts.

Under Rath’s leadership, ServiceNow’s field marketing team also doubled down on true collaboration with sales, not simply alignment, to drive ABM success. Rath is responsible for cutting through these complexities to operate in lock step with sales as a single revenue team and initiate outreach with the right message, at the right time, to more than 1,600 accounts.