Diversity & Inclusion Champions

Director, Performance Marketing, Analytics, and Technology (PMAT)

Slalom’s marketing efforts do not run out of a central team. Instead, more than 200 marketers had siloed activity based on their geo location or focus. To unify how Slalom builds and activates their marketing strategy and unite the community, Tabitha Adams created “Tri-Wizard Training” to support and enable a community of more than 200 marketers across the U.S., Canada and Europe. Instead of simply plugging documentation and trainings into their enablement tech stack, she leaned into the Harry Potter theme of Tri-Wizard Training to give marketers a fun experience to learn their marketing “house,” compete for a marketing “Tri-Wizard Cup” and bring more engagement to how she and her team solved and supported the community’s biggest challenges.

As a result of Tri-Wizard Training, Adams has helped mentor marketers whose backgrounds did not include key areas, such as digital marketing, email marketing and ABM. It also improved the connectivity across the community and support felt by marketers who had previously been “making it on their own” without enablement and mentorship support from a role like Adams’.

In addition to creating a unique enablement experience for a large group of marketers, Adams also worked with both marketers and other functions in Slalom to support a group dedicated to improving reproductive benefits and bringing more inclusive messaging to how Slalom responded to changes, such as the recent Roe v. Wade ruling. Adams strives to not only help marketers in their daily job, but ensure they can confidently bring their whole self to work and feel supported when changes in their communities impact their well-being.