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Marketing Database & Reporting Analyst

Eddie Barry spearheaded the transformation of Bottomline’s marketing organization through the implementation of Microsoft Power BI on the Snowflake platform. This created more revenue-driven marketers who use performance data visualization. The business has fully embraced this transition to Power BI. Barry taught himself to write code in Python, led the process and automated the creation of custom fields in Python, reducing the reporting time from four weeks to one.

Once the Python was in place, Barry created and published the first Power BI marketing dashboard in the organization. With this dashboard, he led training sessions for the marketing department and continually supports it daily by adding features and improvements. Between February 17 to May 18, 2022, the top three dashboards Barry published totaled 1,409 report opens and 4,078 page views from more than 60 unique viewers.

In addition to easier reporting, Barry introduced new key performance indicators and different ways of looking at the data to help people make better, more informed decisions. He introduced multitouch attribution, granting the ability for users to gain insight into their campaigns at the middle of the buyer journey. Another example is when he added Dun & Bradstreet Visitor Intelligence to the dashboard, which provided first-ever visibility to unmask website visitors. He is always looking for ways to improve dashboards, whether it be on points of accuracy, features or ease of use.

All the while, Eddie has made it his goal to make at least one person laugh per day and sustain a workplace of entertainment and fun. This helps with meeting attention and engagement, but most importantly, team comradery and bringing joy into the day. From his silly analogies to lighthearted email salutations, Barry is serious about his work, but knows it is good to have fun while doing it.