Data Scientists & Operations Optimizers

Marketing Operations Lead

Jean Borich is the Marketing Operations Lead at Jellyvision, and she knows what it means to excel at leveraging data to drive marketing campaign performance. As part of her framework, Borich successfully built a new lead scoring methodology, redefined her lead lifecycle and increased marketing’s impact on the sales pipeline. The result was a 2000% YoY increase in MQLs and 3X the average opportunity value when marketing influenced it.

Thanks to Borich’s innovative approach, Jellyvision’s marketing campaigns influenced 56% of all closed-won dollars. All of this was made possible by Borich’s keen attention to detail and her commitment to push the envelope as the preeminent data science and operations optimizer. Borich is adept at understanding and leveraging her data while also being an excellent marketing operations and technology leader. She has successfully implemented and maintained multiple technology solutions across companies, including ORM Technologies, Marketo, Salesforce, Qualified, Tableau and others.