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Influencer Videos Lead To Long-Term Engagement Opportunities

Practitioners across industries love to get feedback from experts in their field. That’s what makes TalkingSense™, the thought leadership platform from 6sense, so effective. Designed to showcase candid conversations with B2B industry trendsetters, TalkingSense taps video to create an engaging, interview-style show that zeroes in on important topics like ABM, modern sales and revenue operations, marketing and more. 

Because each episode is brimming with valuable insights, the 6sense team breaks them down into derivative content, including: 

Each guest is promoted across channels, which encourages them to also spread the word. To that end, 6sense found that when using industry leaders in ads, it helped improve both view-through and click-through rates.

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Videos create a cycle of content creation and engagement. Create a series landing page as the hub of your video experience and break episodes down into little pieces that can help drive awareness, engagement and traffic.

Bingeable Webinar Series Inspires A Quick-And-Delightful Experience

The Experian team knew that buyers’ attention spans were rapidly shrinking, however, they still expected valuable thought leadership content. This inspired Experian to create “Sip and Solve,” a webinar series featuring 15-minute episodes of easy-to-digest content that audiences could enjoy during short breaks throughout their day.

“Sip and Solve” was created to delve into some of the target audience’s most prevalent challenges and pain points, offering actionable insights and strategies that they could implement within their organizations. Although all episodes air live, they are then archived on a dedicated section of the website, so visitors can view them at any time. In order to maximize reach and engagement, Experian also plans to reuse individual episodes for nurture campaigns and for cross-channel promotion. 

On average, more than 30% of registrants have signed up for more than one session. To ensure that the series fully aligns to buyer needs, Experian regularly surveys the audience for feedback, including input on new topics they want experts to address.

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Create an ever-evolving content hub so your audience always has access to the latest insights from your organization. Promote the Netflix-like experience as a clear value-add for all visitors.

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