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Un-gating Content Helps Buyers Self-Educate On Their Terms

Endpoint security provider Carbon Black needed to revamp its “one-and-done” nurture strategy to boost engagement and results. The team realized that their content delivery strategy was filled with hard gates and content that left prospects at a dead end. Led by Vanessa Porter, Sr. Director of Demand Gen, and Christopher Mitchell, Marketing Programs Specialist, Carbon Black created an experience using a Content Tracks feature, where a form pops up after the user engages with content for a specific period of time or has viewed a number of assets. The team measures content engagement and uses it to fuel lead scoring.

Carbon Black also uses Path Analytics to review account-level engagement and to find out what content is resonating most with their audience based on real-time consumption metrics. This helps them make smarter content creation and program design decisions, so they can maximize content engagement.  

The new nurture model resulted in 2.4 assets viewed per lead, more than eight minutes of engagement and a 23.6% form completion rate. 

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Create bingeable experiences where prospects can self-educate at their own pace. Avoid hard gates to promote engagement and discovery.

Content Hubs Catered To Specific Needs/Roles Makes Information Consumption Seamless

Paycor, a provider of HR software and online payroll services, wanted to help small- and medium-sized organizations optimize their HR function. After researching the sector, the company created The HR Center of Excellence (HR COE), an initiative grounded in Paycor’s data, experience and research, to help SMBs overcome common HR challenges and uncover new opportunities.

Paycor created a resource hub of articles, webinars, interactive tools and other content focused on the six key pillars of HR: Recruiting, Benefits, Labor Costs, People Management, Compliance and Employee Experience. The hub helped the team nurture prospects by behavioral triggers, putting them in customized streams based on which pillars they are interested in and how mature their HR team is.

A cross-channel nurture framework delivered content based on the pillar a prospect was interested in using several outlets, including an email newsletter, webinars, events and paid digital campaigns. It started with the HR COE newsletter, which spotlighted one piece of content from each pillar. Paycor then categorized buyers and served relevant content based on the initial piece they engaged with. Later, additional engagements fed the nurtures, including games at trade shows to win swag, webinars and long-form content.  

This framework has proven to be very successful and ensures clients and prospects receive content that resonates with them based on where they are in their unique decision-making journeys. 

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Maximize your nurture efforts by serving up only the most relevant content for your prospects.

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