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Using Physical Experiences To Bring Brand Stories To Life

Nitto provides more than 13,500 products, including industrial tapes, environmental solutions and optronics. However, the company focuses on one key mission: to create innovative solutions that make the world a better place. Nitto’s Americas Discovery Center, located in Teaneck, N.J., is an incredible encapsulation of this mission. The interactive experience includes a variety of content types, highlighting the capabilities of polymer chemistry using state-of-the-art technology.

Each tour begins when guests enter a 360-degree theater playing a short video and are shown a short video introducing the concept that “Nitto is Everywhere.” From there, they can interact with a multitude of content experiences based on their own needs and expectations, like:

Tours are given in small groups of five or less to allow everyone to have an enjoyable, relevant experience.

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Remember the power of the human touch. Consider ways to use events and other in-person experiences to resonate with audiences.

Promoting Thought-Leadership Through Research-Backed Content

Equifax developed the “Synthetic Identity Fraud: A Look Behind The Mask” campaign to demonstrate the company’s expertise and thought leadership. Through a partnership with Aite Group, Equifax prioritized the creation of third-party research, which would then lead to the creation of derivative content that would help increase brand awareness and credibility.

The campaign consisted of a webinar that presented research findings on how organized criminal rings create and nurture synthetic identities, and best practices for identifying verification techniques and leveraging AI and machine learning to discover suspicious behavior patterns. Additional content included social media posts and emails to promote the webinar, as well as lead nurture emails and Equifax Insights blog posts featuring a three-part blog series focused on the synthetic identity fraud. 

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Not everyone is interested in reading a long research report. Maximize research spend by delivering survey results through different short-form content formats such as webinars and blog posts to promote thought-leadership to all audiences.

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