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Boosting Customer Knowledge Throughout The Journey

The Enterprise Client Development team at SAP Concur, a provider of integrated travel, expense and invoice management solutions, was looking for innovative ways to improve customer satisfaction, customer retention and average recurring revenue. The goal was to increase customers’ knowledge of how to get the most from their investment in SAP Concur solutions.  

The group selected six topics and built a marketing campaign to help educate and empower customers on how SAP Concur could help to drive business value in these key areas. SAP Concur turned to their demand generation agency, Spear Marketing Group, to write, design and build a series of emails that would be visually engaging, provide helpful content and spur customers to take specific actions designed to increase the value they get from SAP Concur. 

The Spear team developed a unique, visual theme for the campaign that was engaging and different from other SAP customer communications and yet consistent with the SAP brand.

The emails were designed and built using responsive design methods and deployed within Gainsight, SAP’s customer success software.  

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Pay attention to email design to capture attention and drive click-through rates.  

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