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Small Buying Windows Require Cohesive, Multi-Touch Engagement 

ID Wholesaler provides photo identification products to more than 100,000 organizations. Its largest vertical market is the education segment with a focus on K-12 schools. Since more than 50% of sales take place in the summer months leading up to the school year, ID Wholesaler developed a campaign based on three factors: 

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Develop campaigns by keeping customer and end-user needs in mind, and promote friendly internal competition with a fun theme and incentives to generate real results.

Bingeable Content Portals Encourage & Track Engagement

OSIsoft, a manufacturer of application software for real-time data management, needed a more scalable way to engage prospects and customers with its rich content library. The company struggled to guide prospects on their path to purchase and connect customers to relevant content for on-boarding. As a result, OSISoft partnered with PathFactory to develop curated content streams for their myOSIsoft Customer Portal.  

The team also needed to revamp their prospect nurture streams to encourage re-engagement but didn’t have access to the analytics they needed to see how the content was performing. They used PathFactory to serve curated streams using Content Tracks so buyers could self-navigate through relevant content. In addition, a new content syndication strategy was developed using time-based forms so prospects could engage with content for up to 20 seconds before filling out a form to access more. This was especially helpful during the release of a high-value white paper called “The Digital Mine: How to Implement Predictive Maintenance.” 

Thanks to content engagement data that revealed how much time was spent on each asset, the OSIsoft team is now able to serve buyers the content they need on the channels they prefer — all while accessing analytics in one place to optimize the GTM strategy. 

In addition, for both the nurture and  content syndication programs, OSIsoft experienced:  

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Putting relevant content in one place to encourage bingeing helps streamline the decision-making process and encourages self-navigation.

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