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Racing To Capitalize On Tour de France Relationship

NTT is the Official Technology Partner of the Tour de France, which is owned and managed by Amaury Sport Organisation (A.S.O.). After a merger, NTT wanted to continue using its expertise to drive innovation in cycling, as well as digitize other areas of sports, such as connected stadiums and velodromes. Three pieces of content — a microsite, video and E-book — were created to articulate the transition to NTT in 2019, but also to celebrate the great successes of the partnership. The goals were to drive both business decision-makers and sports fans towards greater brand awareness and affinity for NTT, and to inform target audiences of the technology capabilities as demonstrated through our work with the Tour de France. The intent was to lead potential clients of NTT further down the buyer journey towards becoming marketing qualified leads.

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Highlighting your work with a high-profile event can help amplify your marketing efforts and reach a broader audience.

When It’s Time to Party, Customers Can Celebrate Too

SmartVault, a provider of integrated document management and client portal solutions, wanted to celebrate its 10th anniversary by showcasing its unique personality while leveraging the occasion to generate new leads and bring in new revenue. 

To encourage customers to participate in the party, they created a microsite that unlocked a new piece of educational content and/or a prize each day for 10 days. To keep people coming back, SmartVault created a mix of useful, rich content prizes and giveaways, and nostalgic pieces that celebrated the accounting profession. 

To genuinely appeal to accountants, the company tapped accounting professionals to drive the concept and execution. Customers and industry influencers helped vet ideas and contribute content. The company also involved several industry partners who contributed content and prizes as well as added to the promotion of the event.

The company used Intercom, a website and in-product messaging app. They pushed messaging to website visitors and customers, inviting them to participate in the campaign and promoted specific content pieces and prizes. On the campaign microsite, they used Intercom to get leads to schedule demos and to further engage customers with additional content.

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Don’t be afraid to be playful with content—even if the topic is a bit staid. 

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