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Interactive Content Enables Tailored Buying Journeys

Publisher and marketing services company Bython Media was contracted by LogMeIn to develop a content syndication program featuring interactive content to generate better lead profiling for their GoToMeeting product.

Instead of creating an interactive experience from scratch, Bython repurposed an asset titled, “The Modern Face of Collaboration,” with interactive elements such as a self-identification assessment. The front-end assessment consisting of two multiple-choice questions allowed visitors to share how they use remote meeting software and their role in the decision-making process. The viewer is then brought to an experience titled, “Modern Workforce Shifts and Their Influence on Collaboration Solutions” to continue their education on the collaboration space.  

The information from the assessment was attributed to the lead and provided account intelligence that could be used for sales and marketing nurture. In addition, the interactivity allowed Bython to gain additional key engagement metrics such as bounce rate, time on page and conversion rate.

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Using simple quizzes and assessments to revamp static content promotes engagement and allows you to get unique information from buyers that you can’t get from a gate form.

Interactive Applications Empower Reps To Accelerate Long Sales Cycles

DXC Technology, an independent, end-to-end IT services company, developed an interactive, visual application to demonstrate the value of its MyWorkStyle product. “Explore DXC MyWorkStyle” was designed to ensure consistent, accurate and simple messaging around the entire product presentation to help sales reps tell a holistic product story throughout the sales cycle. 

The app was built on the Kaon platform — which offers instant cloud updates that can be easily viewed on all devices (with or without Internet connection) — and was translated into six languages. This armed sales reps with knowledge and technical expertise that could be used on a global scale. The process to develop this application pushed DXC to better understand, translate and distill internal technical knowledge to better prepare their sales team. It was also used in briefing centers, digital transformation centers, trade shows and industry events as live demo collateral. 

Additionally, DXC has noticed an acceleration in their typically long sales cycle. The company gained evidence of increased customer engagement and retention, with highly engaged clients throughout the entire 90-minute meeting.

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Develop easy-to-digest interactive content to give sales reps the information they need to engage prospects and close deals faster.

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