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How To Engage Top CMOs Without Busting The Budget

MomentFeed offers an integrated management, analytics and reporting system spanning mobile search, social media, digital advertising and customer reputation.

To expand its reach, the business was looking for a way to market its B2B platform specifically to CMOs at top brands such as Chick-Fil-A, Hertz, Starbucks and John Deere. The challenge: the company lacked marketing automation, buyer journey mapping, and segmented and persona-based content. 

The MomentFeed marketing team made the decision to fast-ramp a content program to grab the attention of these CMOs to make them aware of the impact local mobile search was having on their brands. The message centered around these concepts: why brand standing and sales matter to CMOs; what they need to do to master it; and why they must do it now.  

With two people and a budget of $55,000, the program was tremendously successful in less than five months.  

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You don’t need to make a huge investment to make a big impact.

Aligning Content To Business Challenges

Optum, an information and technology-enabled health services business, aims to bring objective, holistic data and proven solutions to the table to get alignment on common principles and put new ways of working into practice. The company’s long-term audience engagement marketing campaign supports three messaging pillars: administrative simplification, sustainable growth and balanced benefits.

Beginning in 2018, the audience engagement team developed content for chief financial, medical and information officers through persona-specific campaigns. Other roles such as VPs and Influencers have also been included.   

The company launched a campaign to provide high-level, cross-role, thought leadership content. Optum has deepened engagement with these healthcare leaders by providing actionable, data-driven healthcare research, insights and resources.  Marketing strategies included: 

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Tailoring content to specific personas is worth the effort.

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