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Revamped Social Strategy Engages Buyers In A Low-Engagement Industry

Flexport provides its clients with advanced technology and analytics, logistics infrastructure and hands-on supply chain expertise. This industry isn’t typically highly engaged on social media; however, Flexport saw an opportunity to generate substantive, issues-oriented content to build its brand and social community.

Together, the Flexport team built a social media engine stemming from established B2B best practices. The social media engine is fueled by timely, diverse and relevant content, making it an ideal source for Flexport employees to share insights across their networks. This not only helps generate awareness and buzz around the Flexport brand, it helps boost the impact of branded content. 

Social media initiatives have been measured via both qualitative and quantitative metrics, including sentiment and message pull-through, overall reach, follower growth, engagement rates, impact on content downloads/pipeline contribution and reach and engagement through the Dynamic Signal platform.

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When attempting to build your brand on social media, focus first on providing value to your audience. Share content and insights that will help them be more successful in their roles.

Influencer-Driven Twitter Chat Drives Research Awareness & Engagement

Refinitiv, a provider of financial markets data and infrastructure, wanted to create a multi-touch campaign that educated its audience around the impact of financial crime. Not just the impact on companies and governments, but on people who are exploited by criminal gangs that launder their gains through the financial system.

Although the different components of the campaign garnered positive results, it was Refinitiv’s approach to social engagement that led to staggering results. In October 2019, the company ran a Twitter Chat called “How can innovation help #FightFinancialCrime?,” continuing to raise awareness around the Refinitiv Innovation in Financial Crime report and engage with #RefinitivSocial100 influencers and the broader risk and compliance community online.

For the latest iteration of the campaign, which extends for a full year, Refinitiv focused on new innovations in financial crime prevention. Using several touch points, including branded research, thought leadership content, social media, events and even a feature in The Sunday Times, the company developed a holistic strategy to reaffirm its position as a trusted thought leader and provider of data and insights. 

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Don’t underestimate the power of social media. Tap third-party influencers and experts to amplify your campaign reach and impact.

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