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Data-Driven ABM Program Drives Omnichannel Engagement

JLL is a professional services firm that specializes in real estate and investment management for a diverse group of clients. The firm developed a large account-based marketing (ABM) program to target current and net-new clients.

Since data was essential to choosing the right accounts, JLL used data from its CRM and MAS systems, account plans, sales sheets and intent data from Demandbase. 

Personalization was also part of the strategy. The company developed content and landing pages in three areas: Generic office environment clients, life sciences industry clients and healthcare industry clients. Direct mail pieces invited people to visit a personalized landing page and provided a free trial code. The omnichannel approach also included a webinar touching on three of the company’s offerings.  

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An ABM program should include a variety of tactics and channels. Don’t forget the power of direct mail for building relationships.

Rich, Personalized Journeys Get Up And Running In Two Months

RingCentrala provider of cloud communications and collaboration solutions, developed an ABM campaign targeting 24 top accounts. In an effort to deliver relevant messaging and targeted content, the company tapped a combination of ads, sales outreach, and nurture and sponsored resources. 

All components pointed to a Folloze board, helping to create a rich, personalized journey for every member of a target account’s buying group. These journeys were not just personalized based on a specific moment, but rather, each phase of an individual’s unique customer journey—from attraction to expansion.

Using Folloze, RingCentral successfully stood up the ABM campaign in two months. Buyers spent a total of 386 minutes consuming content.  

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Martech platforms enable brands to personalize buyer journeys at scale.

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