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Personas Inform More Relevant & Profitable Sales Conversations

PowerObjects, an HCL Technologies Company, delivers Microsoft Business Applications solutions and the Dynamics 365 workloads through unparalleled offerings of service, support, education and add-ons. In 2019, the company created four core financial services personas to boost sales performance: Asset Management Wholesaler – External; Asset Management Wholesaler – Internal; Financial Planner; and five variations of Investors. With each persona came a messaging framework, designed to instill some of the key challenges, pain points and key differentiators.

Personas and messaging were created for marketing campaigns and sales enablement. Unlike typical persona projects, which focus on primary members of the buying committee, this project included personas for the asset management wholesalers’ clients. Ultimately, the goal was to provide a framework to help the wholesalers sell investment products. 

These personas serve as a powerful “snapshot” of target clients and supplement insights gleaned from intelligence tools that the PowerObjects team uses to better understand its audience. Having these established personas and corresponding messaging is especially important in face-to-face sales scenarios. 

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When you create personas, share them and use them across the organization. This creates a unified understanding of who your target buyers are.

Online Sales Portal Supports More Tailored Conversations

U.S. Cellular for Business relies on its sales team to educate current and prospective customers on how its solutions can solve their unique business challenges. Although the company created a multitude of educational content that sales could pass to their contacts, these resources were difficult for reps to find and share.

To help its reps quickly and easily distribute new content to current and prospective customers, U.S. Cellular for Business partnered with The Mx Group to create an online sales enablement tool.

Embedded on the website’s research page is a sales-specific portal that allows reps to log in and send pre-written emails and content to customers directly from the U.S. Cellular for Business site. It even allows reps to filter content based on specific industries and personas, so they can ensure they’re sending the most relevant information to their contacts in a personal way. 

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Experience matters for your sales reps, too! Consider ways to aggregate and customize experiences so they have all the information they need to be successful.

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