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Bharath Ram Srinivasan
Kelly Skelton
Neil Walker
PFU (EMEA) Limited

Bharath Ram Srinivasan

Head Of Demand Platforms

Bharath Ram Srinivasan has a track record of leveraging technology to drive results for the sales and marketing organizations he has been a part of. As the Head of Demand Platforms at HPE, Srinivasan helped build Prospecting Hub, an account-based prospecting platform for worldwide sales.

The tool aims to integrate real-time, first-party and third-party digital insights with prioritization on a rep’s target set of accounts. Using these insights, reps are able to plan out their day and focus their attention on the hottest accounts looking to purchase right now.

The company’s sales team loves the new platform. It enables them to spend less time trying to identify the right accounts or contacts and helps them penetrate into white-space accounts where they’ve had no relationships before. Management also loves it as it has helped clean up the CRM and remove unqualified lists, resulting in a more predictable pipeline.

Sales campaigns executed through the new account-based platform are showing great results in terms of pipeline generated and enabling sales management to have greater visibility into the time spent by their reps. Prospecting Hub has become sales’ go-to destination for cold prospecting through the year. Within three quarters of going live with the platform, more than 500 active sales users are logging in every day to use it.


Kelly Skelton

Account-Based Marketing & Sales Acceleration Manager

Running an account-based marketing program is hard enough as it is, but Kelly Skelton, Account-Based Marketing & Sales Acceleration Manager at Cisco, is single-handedly running the company’s account-based marketing initiative to accelerate internal and partner opportunities.

Skelton works directly with sales leaders across the organization to oversee thousands of sellers and execute a successful account-based marketing program. Her responsibilities include creating and revising existing and personalized dashboards to streamline the sales process, so that sellers can quickly engage with their customers and offer next-best solutions for customer success. She also manages the development and deployment of associated training and troubleshooting of data and program issues. In addition, Skelton collaborates with sales leaders and operations to deliver on-time campaigns and the appropriate metrics to measure campaign success and pipeline contribution.

Skelton has really grown into her role at Cisco. As a result of her efforts, Cisco’s account-based programs have generated six-to-seven figure pipeline. She has also been an early adopter of cutting-edge industry technologies and evangelized tight collaboration between marketing and sales at the company. Coming from a sales background herself, she has internalized the need for marketers and sellers to work hand-in-hand and makes this collaboration a priority, which translates to tangible business results.

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Neil Walker

Head Of EMEA Channel Marketing

Maintaining the engagement of a channel audience can often feel like swimming against the tide. To combat this, PFU (EMEA) Limited (PFUE) introduced the Imaging Channel Program (ICP) in 2016 to redefine how the company communicates, motivates and rewards channel partners across the EMEA region, with a particular emphasis on the reseller community.

Neil Walker, Head of EMEA Channel Marketing, created, developed and launched the Imaging Channel Program, which was designed to maximize channel sales and drive partner behavior. Walker also developed Imagining Rewards (IR), a rewards plan for individual resellers that provides points for registering sales and engagement through a comprehensive and fully automated online tool. The rewards range from the latest electronics and household appliances to experiences, flights and accommodation. Together, the programs aim to boost reseller loyalty, enable easier promotion and incentive communication and improve point-of-sale and end-user data.

Today, PFUE has over 3,000 members within ICP and the introduction of IR has resulted in 82% of all individuals joining ICP in 2018 also registering for IR. More than 50% of IR members across 59 counties engage with IR every month and the company’s first two multi-country IR campaigns saw sales increase by 12.4% and 14.8% year-on-year. Walker’s programs have had a positive impact on sales and marketing efforts and are more successful at reaching the company’s most active resellers than any other communication channel.

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