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Paul Logue
Jessica Cross
Lisa Pagliaro
MSC Industrial Supply

Paul Logue

SVP & Head of Global Insights

As the SVP & Head of Global Insights, Paul Logue transformed SAP’s market intelligence group into a strategic, digital-first, analytics-powered insights function, enabling the company to rethink its customer acquisition and customer operating model.

The centerpiece of Logue’s transformation is the development and launch of SAP’s Crystal Ball digital account intelligence platform, which provides a powerful “digital” window into SAP customers’ real-time buying needs. Crystal Ball is unique in its approach and design compared to other initiatives. The SAP Customer and Markets Insights function is part of the office of corporate strategy that ensures this is a strategic focus for the company.

The Crystal Ball initiative is about creating one unified “golden record” of customer data that scales horizontally across all SAP functions to serve multiple predictive use cases, including:

  • Marketing prospecting;
  • Inside sales;
  • Digital programmatic;
  • Regional sales play targeting;
  • Strategic account planning; and
  • Churn and retention.

In less than a year from initial concept to global launch, the program has driven considerable results, including:

  • Digital insights coverage on more than 60K accounts across key SAP markets expanded to more than 100K+ accounts by year end;
  • More than 157 million account signals per week; and
  • More than $300M in new account pipeline YTD.
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Paul Logue

Jessica Cross

Manager of Demand Generation

Jessica Cross, Manager of Demand Generation at RollWorks, has successfully implemented several new tools to deliver personalization at scale to support the company’s account-based efforts.  

One of her most notable implementations includes building a multichannel account-based program using Sendoso, Marketo and their own product RollWorks, affectionately called “Outbound Assist for All.” This initiative not only helped the organization better engage with potential customers, but it also ensured that the team’s multichannel marketing efforts were not getting lost in a crowded industry.  

Cross’ work has allowed the organization to build more scalable and repeatable programs that enable members across teams to now seamlessly take prospects from first impressions to happy customers. 

Notable results include: 

  • 2.2X year-over-year improvement in SDR appoint rates; 
  • 63% improvement in CTR for persona-based ads (vs. generic ads); and 
  • Accounts touched by the ABM program are 2X more likely to close than those touched by “always-on” marketing campaigns. 
Jessica Cross
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Lisa Pagliaro

Senior Manager of Digital Customer Engagement

MSC Industrial Supply was looking to simplify the buying process by empowering customers to visit their site, immediately find the products they need and then check out or send for manager approval without any frustrations or roadblocks.

Led by Lisa Pagliaro, the company’s Senior Manager of Digital Customer Engagement, MSC worked strategically with the team at Certona, a Kibo company, to implement product recommendations across their website — on category pages, product listing and detail pages, shopping cart pages, as well as the “Add to Cart” popup windows.

This initial implementation enabled the website to be equipped with relevant recommendations on pages with the highest visibility. The company has achieved:

  • A 38% increase in conversion;
  • 12% boost in average order value; and
  • A 46% spike in items per order since the start of the initiative.
Lisa Pagliaro
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