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Jes Hagen
ExtraHop Networks
Anne Wang
Brooke Andrus

Jes Hagen

Senior Marketing Campaign Manager of ABM

Jes Hagen, Senior Marketing Campaign Manager of ABM at ExtraHop Networks, created and ran a project to identify the company’s global accounts with the highest propensity to buy. This has now become the company’s new ICP, where its account targeting has gone beyond typical demographic and technographic data points.  

Hagen also strategized this scoring to be worked into the company’s MQL threshold and developed lead routing to produce better quality opportunities and a stronger pipeline through the inside sales organization. She then combined this account scoring with third-party intent to lay a foundation for more effective segmentation, appointment-setting direct mail campaigns, targeted-advertising campaigns, customized landing pages, event attendance and personal sales outbounding. 

Hagen’s efforts have helped the entire organization better listen, show credibility and align with an account’s buying stage and pain-points. Specifically, ExtraHop Networks:  

  • Saw 50% meaningful engagement from its ICP accounts within the first six months of implementation; 
  • Bolstered MQL-to-meetings-set conversion rates;  
  • Saw better account conversion rates;  
  • Gained greater sales and marketing alignment; and 
  • Armed sales reps with relevant information on an account. 
Jes Hagen

Anne Wang

Senior Director of Global Marketing Operations

Anne Wang, FireEye’s Senior Director of Global Marketing Operations, implemented PathFactory to solve a critical gap in her data set: content consumption data. Without this information, Wang’s team was very limited in how they could optimize campaigns and content performance. By implementing PathFactory, the FireEye team was able to release their annual M-Trends Report, making it easier for prospects to access the information they need without friction.  

Wang is a remarkable marketing operations leader because of her rare ability to balance putting customers first with her desire to collect data. She strives for a world where buyers have a frictionless experience and aims to capture as much data as possible to make this a reality and deliver a best-in-class customer experience.   

As a result of the successful implementation of Wang’s strategy, she and her team were able to accomplish:  

  • A 2X increase in leads; 
  • 200% increase in engagement from known website visitors; and  
  • 35% binge rate (consuming more than one asset per session).  
Anne Wang
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Brooke Andrus

Content Marketing Manager

Brooke Andrus plays an integral role in the WebPT marketing team as the Content Marketing Manager and often draws from her background in journalism and blogging. She is a constant learner, researching B2B marketing and content strategy while honing her craft. Collaborative, energetic and intelligent, she is an all-around rock star.

For the past three years, WebPT has compiled its annual industry report — The State of Rehab Therapy — to gain an accurate snapshot of the demographics, trends, frustrations and motivations shaping the rehab therapy industry, as well as the future outlook and potential for success. This report is available as a free download online. WebPT also shares the survey findings via a live webinar hosted by WebPT executives.

To help make that goal a reality, Andrus spearheaded the efforts to develop and facilitate the entire survey and report without the support of an outside research or PR agency.

In addition to obtaining a high response count, the WebPT team racked up the following post-release stats:

  • 2,659 webinar registrants;
  • 574 webinar attendees;
  • 92 attendees who said “yes” to learning more about WebPT’s products at the end of the webinar;
  • More than 8,314 downloads of the report; and
  • 61 leads from the email marketing drip associated with the download.
Brooke Andrus
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