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Meg Hoyecki
SOC Telemed
Kelsi Doran
Kellie Vahlsing

Meg Hoyecki

VP of Marketing

Meg Hoyecki, VP of Marketing at SOC Telemed, is driven to making the healthcare system in this country smarter and more cost-effective. In order to adapt to the rapidly changing marketplace and commercialize their telemedicine platform, in March of 2018, Hoyecki and her marketing team led a complete re-brand that was heavily focused on content.  

The pivot from being a services company to a technology company consisted of several changes, ranging from company name and logo to messaging and go-to-market strategy. Given that most people at the company seemed to be familiar with consumer-based telemedicine (i.e. at-home virtual doctor/nurse visits), but not as well-versed in hospital-based, acute telemedicine, Hoyecki and her team deployed a long-form E-book, The Intelligent Guide to Acute Telemedicine.  

The E-book was designed to highlight value propositions for SOC Telemed’s three target audiences: financial, operational and clinical. This foundational piece ultimately rallied the company around the new brand’s messaging strategy, serving as the basis for multiple pieces of spin-off content, including infographics, checklists, interactive pages and quizzes. Additional content included regular blogs, press releases, webinars and SOC-authored bylines. 

This content fueled SOC Telemed’s new business development team, sales enablement, organic and paid search strategy, social media and industry events. Additionally, the re-brand led to significant growth in both marketing and revenue metrics. Results included:  

  • 60+ unique pieces of thought leadership content;  
  • 25% growth in LinkedIn followers;  
  • 113% growth in total website visitors YOY;  
  • 100% growth in qualified inbound leads from the website (average 12 leads/month to 24, looking at Jan-May YOY);  
  • $18M marketing contribution to the pipeline;  
  • $1.7M new bookings tied to marketing activities; and  
  • 47% growth in YOY bookings for company (2017-2018).  

Hoyecki has boundless enthusiasm for high quality marketing and communications. Every day, she allots time to nurturing a positive culture by coaching, educating, finding and growing talent, as well as ensuring that the synergy created between SOC Telemed’s internal and external teams is greater than the sum of its parts. She believes in strong, concise, simple messaging that speaks effectively to a well-defined target audience. Above all else, she advocates for creativity, authenticity, storytelling and earning credibility through thought leadership.  

Meg Hoyecki

Kelsi Doran

Marketing Technology Manager

Over the last two years, Kelsi Doran, Marketing Technology Manager at Cisco, has led the strategy and execution of a major campaign designed to increase the digital marketing maturity of the company’s channel partners. Cisco’s Marketing Velocity Communications program aimed to drive awareness and adoption of Cisco’s integrated suite of digital services offered to its partners. By leveraging integrated digital marketing platforms like Eloqua and PathFactory, Doran delivered a highly curated content experience, which resulted in a surge of active marketers, content consumption, platform adoption and marketing fund usage. 

Using a multi-channel approach, Doran drove over 400 partners to five content tracks in PathFactory that married multimedia content in one browser experience. This included infographics, training videos, at-a-glance guides and platform log-in capability. By reducing friction for the partner to access all of Cisco’s content and presenting it in conjunction with the core partner digital marketing platform itself, Doran ultimately increased adoption and engagement. 

The robust engagement metrics from the PathFactory experiences fed future nurturing touchpoints within the connected Eloqua campaign, allowing Cisco’s team to serve the next recommended content piece based on a user’s previous consumption, increasing overall engagement. Key metrics from the campaign included: 

  • Over 10k active audience of Cisco’s marketing thought leadership and training content (202% YoY increase) 
  • 2,553 unique and active users of its primary partner marketing platform (13% increase YoY) when the user viewed in the PathFactory experience; 
  • 91% increase in email campaign engagement; 
  • 2-5% unique click rate on email and promotion; and  
  • 40+% binge rate on PathFactory experiences and a 44% increase in engagement time compared to previous approaches. 

Given the success of the Marketing Velocity Communications program​ Cisco’s partner marketing organization has expanded its use of these marketing technologies, promoting over 20 PathFactory experiences to hundreds of thousands of partner contacts spanning event and product launch use cases. This will continue to be a key platform in the team’s strategy for FY2020. 

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Kelsi Doran
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Kellie Vahlsing

Director of Global Digital Demand Generation

Kellie Vahlsing, Director of Global Digital Demand Generation at OSIsoft, is an inspiring leader, who continually empowers her team to innovate and improve their marketing strategy. She leads a global team, keeping very agile and creating exceptional customer experiences across various countries and languages.  

Vahlsing and her team had a robust content library, but they struggled to guide prospects on their path to purchase and customers toward the relevant content they needed to have a smooth onboarding. Prospect nurture streams struggled with the single-asset drip model, making it challenging to re-engage prospects. The OSIsoft team didn’t have access to the right analytics to know how content was performing or leads were engaging. With a small team, a short timeline for success and limited resources, Vahlsing needed a solution that was easy to implement, would help enable current customers with information and would fill the pipeline with more educated leads.  

Looking to alleviate these problems, Vahlsing and the team generated curated content streams for their customer portal, myOSIsoft, to help customers transition to the new self-service model that provided them with information that was crucial for their success. Vahlsing used PathFactory to leverage the power of every touchpoint and serve buyers curated streams of content without depending on IT. Using seamless, barrier-free content tracks, buyers can now self-educate with more relevant pieces of content every time they engage. 
Using content engagement data, including how long prospects spend on which assets, Vahlsing’s team now listens to what the buyers want and serves them the content they crave on the channels they prefer. Vahlsing is able to access these analytics in one place and use them to continuously optimize her strategy. 

Results include: 

  • 110% increase in content consumption; 
  • 25% increase in overall MQL conversion; 
  • 3.5X increase in conversions in 30 days for unknown users; and  
  • 16X increase in influencer opportunities in eight months. 
Kellie Vahlsing
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