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Julian Lina
Lisa Arnold​
Stein IAS
Sarah Schreiner​

Julian Lina

Head of Demand Generation and Sales Development

Julian Lina, Head of Demand Generation and Sales Development at Fond, innovated on traditional demand generation tactics by completely shifting Fond’s investment strategy towards a very focused account-based approach that now leverages several creative marketing channels. He successfully led the organization through a very common but difficult challenge within B2B software: moving up-market.

In 2017, Fond made a critical decision to shift its customer acquisition focus from SMB and mid-market to enterprise-sized organizations. Historically, Fond had invested the majority of its marketing spend on digital advertising to generate a healthy flow of inbound leads. At the time, this type of demand generation strategy was effective in driving leads that covered a variety of verticals, sizes and geographies. However, it was not a reliable approach for specifically generating enterprise-sized accounts.

In 2018, Lina pioneered what is now known as Fond’s account-based marketing function, including:

  1. Building a targeted list of accounts and leads based on a set of desired variables (ex. industry, geography, size, intent data, job title).
  2. Developing multichannel campaigns against those target lists. These campaigns are comprised of digital advertising, web personalization, direct mail, events, social media, email and phone calls.
  3. Executing those campaigns in alignment with SDRs, AEs, sales ops, functional leadership and external partners.
  4. Reporting on KPIs on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis and quickly leveraging insights to iterate on subsequent campaigns.

Lina grew year-over-year pipeline generation by 47% (YTD) at one-third of historical marketing spend by allocating investments more equitably across all demand generation channels, including digital advertising, SEO, content, direct mail and events.

Julian Lina

Lisa Arnold

Director of Interactions

At just 26 years old, Lisa Arnold, Director of Interactions at Stein IAS, has had a profound effect on the company by transforming processes, generating vital new insights and enhancing service delivery for clients.  

Arnold is pioneering new ways for customers to connect the brand to demand, while reporting, measuring and optimizing the funnel. By uniting and analyzing disparate data points, clients can see the bigger picture and monitor the effects of campaigns/channels/tactics on the overall funnel to better understand users’ development from suspect to customer. Thanks to Arnold, the company can precisely demonstrate its digital output’s effectiveness. She provides crucial insight on campaigns, measures impact instantly and provides recommendations for improvement.  

Arnold has even created an Excel tool that forecasts potential revenue growth with marketing spend, in which Stein IAS will use in future new business pitches. 

In one particular example, Arnold played an integral role in the launch of a global campaign and activated all the campaign’s media, which generated a reach of almost eight million impressions/total outbound emails delivered, resulting in 0.15% CTR, which is well above the industry average. 

Lisa Arnold
Black B2B Innovator Awards Chips

Sarah Schreiner

Senior Strategy Analyst

Sarah Schreiner, Senior Strategy Analyst at ADP, leads the growth and evolution of the ADP Ambassador advocate community, which has completely innovated the concept of advocacy within the organization.  

The community has made it scalable to request and receive client feedback fast. When the company needs insight on user experience, ambassadors join product feedback sessions. When it shifts to a model of client success, ambassadors share ideas to propel it forward.  

Since its inception in 2015, the company had 4,900+ advocates join the community, with open access for all clients to join and engage. ADP also removed 9,000+ hours of administrative work from client success annually and generated 22% higher NPS for advocates than other clients. 

Other notable results include: 

  • 17,000+ social shares, generating 71,000+ clicks; 
  • 53+ online product reviews sourced, with more than half of reviews on TrustRadius sourced from the ADP Ambassador community; 
  • 700+ product and service testimonials delivered; 
  • Roughly $150,000+ in potential service cases offset; 
  • Delivering unique annual conference experiences for Ambassadors, with an average of ~33% of conference attendees already advocating for the brand. 
Sarah Schreiner
Blue B2B Innovator Awards Chips