SAP Concur

Trail: Multi-Touch Campaign

The Route:

SAP Concur Enterprise’s Field Marketing, Content Strategy, Demand Generation and Program Management teams came together in 2022 to develop a campaign around AP automation that would help solve a simple challenge for its prospective customers and cross-sell customers. Amongst business processes, AP and invoicing are still heavily paper-based which, during the pandemic, became painfully clear. Invoices sat on employees’ abandoned desks and remained unpaid with no employees in office to pay them, or redirect them, causing vendor relationship strains, cash flow issues and employee frustration. Still, after things eased up a bit, customers and prospects were still oftentimes intimidated to get an AP automation project going – the change management and digital transformation seemed overwhelming and daunting to the company’s key targets.

Enter the “Small Steps. Big Wins.” campaign, which set out to make the process of shifting AP from transactional to strategic by breaking down the steps and showing customers that SAP Concur solutions could help them make the transformation from paper-based to a fully automated, connected AP/P2P process that they could transition to at their own pace based on where their biggest pain point was felt.

The team worked with their internal content strategy team, program management and demand gen team, along with some valuable vendor partners, to develop a campaign that went from top-of-the-funnel to bottom-of-the-funnel. Using existing content and rebranding it with a campaign theme, as well as creating some net-new content — through multitouch funnel, acceleration, account-based marketing and cluster efforts — the teams drove awareness, accelerated interest and eventually turned pipeline into closed-won deals while highlighting the value that small changes can make to its customer’s business.

The Peak:

As a result, the company created and executed more than 43 campaign tactics in 2022 and collected more than 1,300 global leads. Specifically:

  • Digital ads had an ROI of 9,470% and CTR improvement of 325%
  • Targeted accounts were 2.62X more likely to convert on the website
  • More than 4,700 campaign engagements
  • More than $3.3 million in direct campaign pipeline