2021 Killer Content Awards

Channel Partner Marketing

The Challenge

Frequently competing for mindshare against other selling opportunities, Dell wanted to cut through the clutter to drive seller and partner participation, engagement and training for its Latitude computing products.

The Content

Dell worked with Yeager Marketing to develop a website containing a series of five interactive and persona-focused work-from-home (WFH) stations. Each scenario had fun and engaging incentives to explore the products. The individual virtual workstations feature products and room designs to align with the designated WFH persona. Through the sites, visitors can access available content, training videos and download enablement materials. Sellers and partners are incentivized to participate with the opportunity to win a WFH prize package. Partners who complete all training options are entered into a prize drawing. The experience is promoted through a series of emails, a promotional flyer and a pitch video featuring salespeople promoting the Latitude League benefits.

The Scoreboard

  • 741 site registrations
  • 5,800 sessions
  • 17,839 page views
  • 1:54 average time on page

Cheat Code

Like “Red Dead Redemption,” which gives gamers the power to choose their own adventure in the Wild West, interactive hubs allow your buyers to choose products, use cases and content that most align with their needs.

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