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Silvian Centiu


Founder & Managing Partner, Retina

Silvian Centiu is an inspiring software engineer/architect and marketing strategist that specializes in marketing technology innovation and impact. He founded Retina to help B2B businesses with their CRM, marketing automation and data science challenges.

In 2020, Centiu worked with Retina’s clients to transform their digital processes for enhanced data science and personalization and trained them to use existing data to improve customer engagement strategies. Centiu has also led the agency’s collaboration with many organizations such as ING, Stanford University and Thermo Fisher Scientific to help them leverage their data science to build stronger communication systems with buyers and employees. He is currently teaching marketing automation at ASE Bucharest, Romania’s leading business college.

Retina has seen an increase in year-over-year billings and a 4X profit growth over the last year due to Centiu’s expertise.

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