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Lydia Flocchini


CMO, SurePoint Technologies

Lydia Flocchini, former Chief Revenue & Data Scientist of SurePoint Technologies, played a pivotal role in the company’s digital transformation throughout 2020. Flocchini helped the company drive brand awareness image while accelerating lead generation and sales velocity for future growth.

Her mantra, “The customer is the center of the universe,” came into play during the company’s rebranding in February 2020, as she facilitated the rebrand through press releases, email campaigns, social media, videos from the company’s CEO and team members and a new website to inform and engage its future customers and community. She also helped the company innovate its software offerings with SurePoint View and the SurePoint Mobile App for maximum reach.

Through the above innovations, Flocchini enabled SurePoint Technologies to put the customer first, increase its lead volume, improve its MQL/SQL conversion rate by 30% and build more than 100 new sales enablement tools to engage its legal professionals and law firms nationwide.

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