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Jonah Cooperman


Global Demand Generation & Marketing Operations Leader, Atlassian

Jonah Cooperman, Global Head of Lifecycle Marketing Operations at Atlassian, played a big role in spearheading an innovative transformation on the marketing side. He oversees a team of marketing operations, marketing automation and lead lifecycle managers within the Global Marketing Operations organization.  Atlassian recently implemented Marketo to be the foundation upon which they could create scalable solutions to support their enterprise business goals. Tasked with enhancing Atlassian’s enterprise systems to scale with the launch of new products, M&A activity and a growing global sales organization, Cooperman doubled down on using a “build-and-buy” approach, leveraging the best of Marketo along with internal engineering to capitalize on Atlassian’s large customer data sets. Sensing the need for a vertically aligned team, he built the marketing operations function from the ground up to support Atlassian’s portfolio of products. By equipping his team with the best-in-class tools they needed (such as Marketo), along with other ABM martech, marketers are now able to deliver omnichannel campaigns and personalized experiences. This allowed each business unit the flexibility and agility to broaden and deepen their go-to-market muscle.

By implementing Marketo and designing the marketing tech stack to accommodate existing Atlassian needs and new M&A activity, Cooperman and his team drove:
-50% more work with 80% of the team members year-over-year;
-30% reduction in time to execute from ticket submission to campaign launch; and
-More than 20% increase in terms of engagement.

By spearheading a better, more streamlined set of communication to the customers and more efficiency in the process itself, Cooperman’s team is approximately 3X more efficient and the communications themselves are seeing an uptick of over 20% in terms of engagement.

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