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Carmen Goldstein


Head of Global Strategy & Campaigns Team, Unity Technologies

Carmen Goldstein played a pivotal role in the establishment of Unity’s first game lifecycle ABM program, building an opportunity sizing model that segments accounts for hyper-personalized campaigns.

Goldstein created an omnichannel journey and content roadmap that organized individual accounts into cluster profiles associated with individual products, which allowed the company to engage its accounts with content relevant to their cluster of interest. The model was created based on data about Unity’s sales revenue, product mix targets and account behavior forecasts, personalizing account experiences to game studios of all sizes with relevant content at the right time.

This hyper-personalized engagement strategy enhanced Unity’s campaigns and resulted in over 24,000 in net new marketing qualified leads year to date. The company’s 2021 sourced pipeline is also pacing 160% above expectations, and its marketing team is currently on track to beat their revenue goal by the end of the year.

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