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Allison Metcalfe


Chief Revenue Officer, Demandbase

Allison Metcalfe, Chief Revenue Officer at Demandbase, has spent her career in tech helping women crush the unique workplace issues they face and climb to the top of their game.

Some 10 years ago, Metcalfe was among the first women at the B2B startup where she was working to have a baby. The company was ill prepared to welcome her back, showing her to a cold, dark server room to pump. It became her catalyst for change, her calling to attain gender inclusivity in tech. Since then, she’s played a role at each company she’s worked at, including Demandbase, to craft creative parental leave policies, establish women-centric employee resource groups and create private spaces for pumping parents. Her work to help women overcome obstacles has served as a blueprint for company after company to establish family-friendly cultures and move closer to achieving gender equality and inclusion in tech.

Metcalfe has brought other women in tech up with her. She’s brought attention to critical, often undiscussed issues to ensure that no one can turn a blind eye to equal pay gaps, gender biases and stereotypes or a lack of powerful women role models in tech. She herself has taken on the mentor role to help women break down barriers and rise within the industry. Metcalfe has also created safe spaces for women to talk about the unique issues they face in tech, opening discussions on quality leadership, negotiations, detractors and the need for diversity in the business.

Metcalfe is a powerhouse in the B2B and startup spaces with a 14-year history of working in the marketing and advertising industry. A demonstrated, strong sales professional, Metcalfe is skilled in sales, customer relationship and staff management as well as professional services. Among the greatest joys of her career has been centered on being a mentor, advocate and constructive critic of her women colleagues to help make a change that impacts them, invest in them and help them succeed.

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