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Aaron Rhodes


Marketing Director, Voodle

Aaron Rhodes envisioned and produced footage for marketing content totally remotely using Voodle. Voodle is a short asynchronous video platform that can be utilized on any mobile device. After delivering mobile devices to actors and onboarding to Voodle, Rhodes directed in a completely remote and asynchronous fashion. Since then, he has edited together the footage produced from this experience to generate ads, webpage media and more.

Voodle has seen initial positive numbers for the ads utilizing the footage from Rhodes’ efforts as well as the impact its addition of this footage has had on our homepage refresh. Voodle also incorporated the “Inspiration Voodles” produced by this endeavor within the app to improve overall user experience and draw a more direct connection between marketing materials and in-app experience. The company is now incorporating the methodology for future marketing production efforts, such as “Water Cooler Moments.”

Rhodes has had a prolific career in visual effects and consistently upgrades marketing efforts and team dynamic through his use of Voodles to tell stories and create meaningful internal connections. His 60-second video bursts for collaboration and creativity help stave off the pressures of Zoom fatigue and Slack addiction felt by today’s culture of “always-on” synchronous demands.

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