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Demand Gen Report is a targeted online publication that uncovers the strategies and solutions that help companies better align their sales and marketing organizations, and ultimately, drive growth. A key component of the publication’s editorial coverage focuses on the sales and marketing automation tools that enable companies to better measure and manage their multichannel demand generation efforts.

Below you’ll find a list of resources that align with common objectives across Emerald’s marketing teams.

Downloadable Reports

In this special report, we will dive deeper into new benchmark research and provide insights and perspectives on emerging trends in paid and earned media. The report will spotlight data and analysis of:

  • Shifts in spending patterns between paid and earned media;
  • The growing imperative for digital channels;
  • The top trends shaping the future of paid and earned media; and
  • Why change is the only constant in B2B marketing.

This report will analyze the strategies marketers are experimenting with to promote growth. Specific topics of discussion include:

  • Attracting new prospects while keeping budgets and bandwidth in check;
  • Identifying opportunities to listen to customers through surveys and online polls to determine what tactics are resonating and which ones aren’t;
  • Repurposing various content formats; and
  • Analyzing the behavioral data of existing customers to roughly determine how prospects will respond to similar scenarios.

This special report will uncover 2022 trends and priorities in marketing technology, as well as real-world insights from B2B marketers and analysts on where they see investments in technologies heading. Specifically, we’ll cover:

  • What to expect from the martech landscape in 2022;
  • How marketers are integrating their martech tools to boost efficiency and reach audiences in a digital-first world;
  • Top priorities for B2B marketers’ martech stacks based on current business goals and objectives, including account-based marketing, data management and marketing automation; and
  • Strategies to get the most out of your current martech stack in 2022 and beyond.

This special report will focus on the importance of providing immersive, interactive experiences in the digital medium to host successful virtual events. Specific discussion topics include:

  • How marketers can incorporate physical aspects into the virtual medium to promote engagement and inclusion;
  • The incorporation of interactive elements, such as gamification, to promote attendee engagement and networking;
  • How to facilitate mutually beneficial networking opportunities pre-, during and post-event; and
  • The metrics practitioners are analyzing to determine virtual event success.

This special report highlights the current state of integrated marketing and spotlights the practitioners who are successfully leveraging this strategy. Specific discussion topics include:

  • The tools and techniques needed to analyze and collect data from multiple channels;
  • The increasingly important role technology is playing in keeping systems and teams aligned around the same set of insights, data and analytics; and
  • The value of creating a roadmap of audiences, content and cadences to bolster campaign consistency in execution and delivery.

Specific topics of discussion in this report include:

  • How marketers are creating sending campaigns that feature an online element to engage recipients digitally post-send;
  • The tactics and strategies marketers are implementing to generate relevant information on targets to provide them with attention-grabbing materials;
  • How to develop re-targeting campaigns that warm cold leads and generate better ROI;
  • The technologies and solutions practitioners are using to power their direct mail sends; and
  • How organizations are leveraging direct mail in their ABM campaigns to target prospects on all fronts.

Specific topics covered in this report include:

  • The most successful lead generation channels and the best strategies to maximize engagement on each one;
  • How to humanize the lead generation process beyond form fills and into targeted outreach campaigns;
  • The must-have platforms, technologies and strategies assisting marketing teams in their lead scoring and generation efforts, including automation and ABM; and
  • Real-world examples and thought leadership content to provide context and guidance.

This benchmark research report covers:

  • Insights into where you fall within your industry’s competitive landscape;
  • Expert analysis and guidance to improve your digital CX and help your brand stand out; and
  • Strategic data to help you make informed updates to your digital strategy.

As the light at the end of the Covid-19 pandemic tunnel keeps flickering, expectations for driving growth in 2022 are growing — bringing along a push for increased pipeline performance and accountability. Based on insights gathered from the “2022 Demand Generation Benchmark Survey,” marketers are planning to ramp up the support for their demand gen programs.

Digital & On-Demand Events


B2B Marketing Exchange 2022

Access to most of the sessions and content at the B2BMX 2022 event from this past February.

Email or Teams Mike Santos for access:


#B2BMX: Next-Level ABM 2022

Access to all of the sessions and content at the Next-Level ABM digital event from this past June.

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Best of #B2BMX 2021

Access to curated content from all of our B2BMX events of 2021.

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On-demand webinar series focused on how B2B brands are integrating the best of digital and hybrid models with high-touch tactics, intent data, and customized programs as diversified channels return and expand. 

On-demand webinar series focused on how B2B leaders are harnessing insights in new and powerful ways to drive marketing and sales success.