Video Marketing

VisiQuate empowers healthcare organizations to achieve peak business health through expert service-enabled technologies that dramatically improve performance and reduce process waste. Taking cues from some of the most popular comedy sketch Youtubers, VisiQuate created a video with a single actor playing multiple roles.

VisiQuate created a video of one actor playing eight roles to make light of how difficult it can be to break through the noise in a crowded market — even if a company has a proven solution.

VisiQuate operates in a very niche market, targeting roughly 2,000 health care providers. Most of the content posted by VisiQuate and its competitors garners a few hundred impressions and a handful of likes — mostly from employees. However, this video organically racked up 3,500 views, 75 likes and 16 reposts, for the ultimate result of being 5X more effective than Visiquate’s typical content.