Influencer Campaign

SAP helps empower all businesses to become intelligent, sustainable enterprises. With the rise of AI, SAP wanted to build awareness of how its technology can help businesses prepare for the unexpected, leading to the launch of its “Be Ready” campaign.

Throughout May 2023, the campaign featured a dynamic real-time AI billboard activation and tapped its global influencer marketing team to expand its audience reach. Each day for 10 days, the team reviewed daily headlines and selected five that matched campaign goals to put into an AI image generator. Once generated, the image was passed to SAP’s creative agency’s digital artist for inspiration. The result was an original image symbolizing business resilience in the face of unpredictability. By 9 am ET, the unique AI-inspired image graced billboards at locations such as NYC Times Square, Atlanta and Los Angeles/Staples Center. SAP then harnessed the power of its influencer community, carefully curating 17 individuals with engaged followers, to amplify the campaign.

The campaign ran from May 8th to 19th, excluding weekends, and generated:

  • 239 social media posts across LinkedIn, X (formerly Twitter) and Instagram;
  • 37MM impressions (3X what was expected); and
  • 5K engagements.

The influencer marketing portion of the AI billboard activation outperformed the paid media portion by 4MM impressions and cost 1/5 the budget.