Design Concept/Theme

Resonate, a provider of AI-powered consumer data and intelligence, launched its “Real Data” campaign in June 2023 to illustrate various examples of marketers using poor quality data and the disappointment that results when consumers’ expectations and brand advertising don’t align.

To illustrate the disconnect, Resonate released content that included:

  • A surfer holding their surfboard atop the peak of a snowy mountain;
  • A man holding his small dog outside a cat café; and
  • A recent college graduate that was awarded a retirement loan.

The goal was to drive awareness of the Resonate brand with a bold, disruptive creative campaign that reinforced the Resonate value proposition of unparalleled, AI-powered data. Multiple advertising and marketing channels were utilized, including email, paid and organic social, programmatic display, video and CTV.

Specifically, the campaign:

  • Reached more than 267K unique individuals, with an average frequency of 3X per user;
  • Saw more than 605K video completions, with a completion rate of 73%;
  • Generated 2.7M impressions across all paid digital channels;
  • Saw 12,178 visits to the custom landing page and E-book, with an engagement rate of 18.12% across all digital marketing channels;
  • Generated a 369% year-over-year increase in direct traffic to during the campaign’s three-month duration; and
  • Achieved 308 downloads of the “Real Campaign” E-book.