Nurture Campaign

Purechannels — The Channel Agency devised a lead generation strategy that promised to deliver 1,100 leads across 11 independent software vendors (ISVs) in Amazon Web Service’s (AWS) ISV Alliance.

To engage the leads, Purechannels used emails, social media posts and informative content that led to a customized landing page that housed original hero assets and qualifying questions that determined whether leads were suitable for a subsequent nurture flow. Each nurture flow then shared unique ISV content to address all stages of the buyer journey. Of the qualified leads, those who continued to interact and didn’t unsubscribe gained access to a dedicated AWS “content hub,” a central location where they could find a wealth of additional information surrounding each ISV’s solution. Across all the ISVs and the supporting main campaign for AWS, Purechannels produced more than 200 pieces of content in the form of white papers, info sheet, solution guides, infographics, videos, digital advertising and email nurture sequences.

To date, ISVs have seen results such as:

  • 66% of leads with more than $1 billion turnover;
  • 75% of leads engaged with content more than four times;
  • 76% of leads stated that they had a “critical” or “very important” action needed soon; and
  • 66% of leads engaged with more than four pieces of content.