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The Project Management Institute (PMI) provides professionals at every stage of their career journey with the globally recognized standards, online courses, thought leadership, events and tools needed to succeed. With more than 300 chapters around the world, PMI members can network, find mentors access career opportunities and learn from their peers to drive greater impact. PMI’s biweekly podcast — “Projectified” — allows listeners to eavesdrop on smart, lively conversations with their peers talking about the big issues and sharing tips and tools.

In 2023, episodes explored everything from the complexity of the space sector to AI to overcoming burnout and change fatigue. Each episode highlighted the latest data and research driven by conversations with guests that span a range of sectors, geographic regions and job roles. The team also makes a point to speak with professionals with PMI certifications, further connecting listeners to the organization’s mission of education, advocacy and networking, while highlighting opportunities for professional development.

With more than 1 million downloads and counting, “Projectified” helps project managers get things done and showcases how their work makes an impact on the world.