Audio Content

NinjaCat, an AI-enabled data and analytics platform made for marketing, created “Big Data Day,” an original musical that mirrored the daily challenges of marketers and data analysts at agencies.

Building on the success of Ninjacat’s podcast “What Gets Measured,” the company wanted to push the envelope further in creative storytelling, employing music and drama to transform the dry topic of data analytics into an engaging, relatable narrative. The musical focused on the human side of data management, exploring the challenges, frustrations and triumphs experienced by professionals in the field. Each character and song was designed to reflect real-world challenges in marketing data management, mirroring the solutions offered by NinjaCat’s products. In total, there are seven original songs.

Over a four-week period, “Big Data Day” saw:

  • 3X the company’s average engagement rate on LinkedIn;
  • 18K organic impressions combined across social channels;
  • 16% increase of organic website traffic over the baseline time frame;
  • More than 200 podcast episode downloads;
  • A 90% “listen-through” rate (average is 56%); and
  • A feature in MediaPost, which generated 600K monthly unique views.