Multi-Touch Campaign

Myriad Genetics is a personalized medicine company dedicated to being a trusted advisor and transforming patient lives worldwide with molecular diagnostics. Myriad Genetics’ “Breaking Barriers” campaign was a targeted digital marketing effort designed to address the pressing issue of rising prostate cancer incidence and the significant underutilization of genetic testing in patient care.

The company’s approach harnessed paid search to target high intent keywords sought by newly diagnosed patients, while its social media strategy utilized testimonials and educational content in various formats, including short form videos and GIFs. Myriad’s digital educational ecosystem was complemented by patient-authored blogs, monthly patient newsletters, detailed email nurture campaigns and inside sales support to create a comprehensive and empowering experience for patients to seek personalization of cancer care.

Additionally, the company nurtured healthcare providers with resources like patient E-books, educational emails and sponsored content using peer testimonials.

The “Breaking Barriers” campaign generated:

  • 61% higher patient demand than previous media campaigns;
  • More than 600 marketing qualified leads in 2023; and
  • 113% improvement in marketing qualified leads year-over-year.