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Insight Enterprises, Inc. is a global solutions integrator helping accelerate transformation by unlocking the power of people and technology. It launched “This Old Data Center,” a thought leadership video series that provided viewers with actionable insights, practical knowledge and witty entertainment.

The vision was to blend the entertaining elements of popular home improvement shows with strategic guidance in a way that addresses clients’ top pain points and drives real value to the business. The series follows two wayward data center guys encountering the pitfalls of rebuilding their IT infrastructure and routinely saved by an intrepid team of Insight advisors. “This Old Data Center” features more than seven insight experts — such as Chief Data Officer, VP of Architecture, Distinguished Engineers and more — to address critical topics that clients are prioritizing when modernizing.

The first episode was the No. 5 highest rated video on Insight Enterprise’s channel, with 9,461 impressions. The seventh and eight highest viewed videos on its channel are episodes of this “This Old Data Center,” while the seventh episode represents the third highest impression click-through-rates.