Sales Enablement Content

INFUSEmedia is a fully integrated, data-fueled demand generation engine for B2B organizations. Its Demand Accelerator is a real-time demand intelligence platform that provides clients with insights into their demand program’s performance to assess their needs and deliver tailored solutions to achieve intended outcomes.

The development of Demand Accelerator was driven by advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). To create a powerful platform that could instantly process large amounts of data to generate accurate insights into demand program performance, the team heavily invested in R&D, human capital and new tools and processes to facilitate innovation.

Demand Accelerator has improved demand generation services by delivering timely and relevant information on ongoing program performance, as well as optimizing decision-making and investments. Clients can leverage the real-time intelligence to conduct industry benchmarks to inform their strategies and achieve intended campaign outcomes. The INFUSE Demand Accelerator has optimized performance tracking and analysis of demand programs, allowing businesses to make more informed decisions and enhance their strategies.