Design Concept/Theme

Honeywell Aerospace’s Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) technologies seek to enable global same-day delivery of cargo and faster/more sustainable flights in and around urban areas. To bring awareness of its solutions, the company created the “Watch This Space” brand campaign.

“Watch This Space” encouraged audiences to look up and imagine what modes of transport could be taking to the skies above us in the next few years. Alongside its creative agency, Rees & Company (R&C), it devised a series of assets and thought-provoking campaign messages, including “Watch This Space,” “Cloud Dodgers” and the “Only Way Is Up.”

The company created a distinct tone that was inspirational, aspirational, bold, uplifting and trustworthy, and then crafted messaging that sought to evoke emotions such as excitement, joy, nostalgia, interest and aw. With those campaign guidelines in place, Honeywell and R&C:

  • Created and shared content such as blog posts, videos and infographics;
  • Put together organic and paid campaigns on social media platforms;
  • Partnered with key companies/customers to jointly promote industry;
  • Attended live events or activations to engage with customers, industry, regulators and policymakers;
  • Participated in trade shows to showcase products or services and connect with potential customers; and
  • Engaged the target audience through branded products associated with the campaign theme, such as hoodies, patches, postcards and bracelets.

The AAM campaign debuted in February 2023 and by December 2023, it constituted the two top campaigns across all Honeywell Aerospace campaigns, with an average engagement rate of 26% and CTR of 12%. It was also the top segment for all Aerospace posts, at an average 6.54% engagement rate. The single top performing post for all of Aero was part of this campaign, with 40% engagement rate at year end. Overall, the campaign generated more than 1.25 million impressions, representing an increase of 1,441.2% over the previous year.