Nurture Campaign

ExtraHop’s Reveal(x) 360 platform is a network detection and response solution that delivers 360-degree visibility. Beginning in the second half of 2023, ExtraHop leveraged a multichannel nurture effort to progress leads through the funnel and increase conversion rates.

The company utilized a combination of email, paid media, content syndication, phone outreach and customized sales enablement tactics to drive positive outcomes for its engaged audience. Specifically, this included email and LinkedIn nurture tracks; multi-engagement conversion tactics; MQL packet sales enablement tools; and email and digital nurtures.

After four months of running its email nurture campaign, ExtraHop saw 3X its standard benchmark for unique opens, 11X for unique click through and more than 1,000 unique asset downloads. Compared to its cold audiences, the company’s remarketing audience had 65% higher CTR, 55% higher conversion rates and 52% higher engagement rates. For multi-engagement conversion tactics, the audience is a low volume (about .05% of its total engaged audience) but has converted at a rate of about 10%.