Account-Based Marketing Campaign

BOL is a digital marketing agency that seeks to align teams, goals and strategies to improve performance. When LTN Global, a provider of global broadcast video solutions, wanted to sell a new cloud video delivery solution to the largest TV networks in the world, it came to BOL to develop an ABM campaign for its new managed service, Arc. BOL’s experts crafted a sports-themed, multiple exposure ABM strategy that took advantage of this new persona and mapped out the full buyer journey.

The BOL team created both online and offline engagements, along with a tiered gifting approach for the campaign and leveraged a content-gap analysis to determine what was working and what was not. The team developed assets to support 1:many, 1:few and 1:1 campaigns for Arc, which included social posts, digital display, SEO content, email nurture streams, landing pages and infographics, as well as customized cornhole sets and popcorn tins. Using a combination of 6sense data, Google Analytics and BOL’s custom-built closed-loop reporting, the company tracked touchpoints anonymously and de-anonymized throughout the buyer journey.

Before teaming up with BOL, LTN typically saw engagements take 12-18 months, with a very heavy reliance on existing sales contacts. Within the first 45 days of launching the campaign, LTN engaged with 82 qualified contacts across 400 touchpoints. Within the first 90 days, the company’s No. 1 priority account engaged with LTN 63 times and approached them at a trade show to specifically mention the campaign.