Buyer-Focused Content

When Boeing, an aerospace company, transitioned from a product-focused approach to an outcome-focused approach, it launched a story-led campaign called, “Happy Passengers.”

The campaign was marked by a full-funnel global 1:many ABM program, with the core message that while disruptions will always exist, they don’t always have to disrupt customers. Key elements of the campaign included a focus on end-user benefits, which were articulated through a “mantra” style video and leveraged on the campaign landing page and in paid social and CTV media. The creative platform was further brought to life via a “choose your own adventure” interactive scrolling asset.

The campaign utilized a full-funnel ABM approach, leveraging various media channels including paid search, programmatic media, CTV, paid social, content syndication, direct publisher buys, thought leadership sponsored content/webinars and events to target operational job titles at commercial airlines. Powering the campaign was a robust content marketing engine tailored to support the entire buyer’s journey from awareness through to consideration and intent.

The campaign’s success is evidenced by:

  • Successful engagement of buying groups within all 42 targeted global commercial airline accounts;
  • More than 1,500 leads generated from decision-maker titles of target airlines engaging with the content hub;
  • High engagement rates exceeded LinkedIn and industry publication benchmarks by nearly 4X; and
  • Campaign dashboards that showed strong media and creative performance at both channel and individual target account levels.