Gas up those Chevys and unfold your maps: It’s time to hit the road. The 2024 Killer Content Award (KCAs) winners are here, and we’re taking the scenic route to meet the winners. The annual awards spotlight the top marketers who pushed down the accelerator of their creativity and designed roadside attraction-worthy creative campaigns. But don’t worry: We’re not making any pit stops at the world’s largest ball of twine or listening to your dad’s “short cuts.” Instead, we’ve mapped out the most efficient course through Route Content. So, let’s buckle up and meet the 25 winners of this year’s KCAs — and I better not hear any “are we there yets?!” from the back seat!

Emerald Studio, formerly Content4Demand, turns buyer complexity into smart strategies, compelling stories, and engaging content experiences. We are a full service B2B content strategy and creation agency that works with a select number of organizations to deliver a high degree of responsive, hands-on service and attention to detail. For more information, resources, and to explore content samples, visit
Demand Gen Report

Demand Gen Report (DGR), a division of G3 Communications, is a targeted online publication that spotlights the strategies and solutions that help B2B companies better align sales, marketing and disparate teams to support growth and drive revenue. DGR content and news coverage focuses on the sales and marketing tools and technologies that enable companies to better measure and manage multichannel demand generation efforts. Demand Gen Report is the only information source directly focused on this rapidly emerging business discipline.

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